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“Design that resonates with its audience”

Every retail store cannot be crafted with the same principles since every retail destination isn’t the same. The ways of modern retail where customers prefer to browse themselves do not apply squarely in stores that are designed for rural India or even in small towns

While consumers in metros and Tier 1 cities prefer self-service spaces, customer service driven retail is still highly effective in smaller cities, where the interpersonal relationship of the customer and shop owners play a vital role in the success of the store.

Converging of Form & Function.

In line with our mission of empowering Indian Retail, we have been closely associated with the retailers of the traditional ilk and designers that service them. We act as technical consultants to the designers while giving retailers access to global technology.

So when we signed up for this project in a small town close to Nasik, the designer and retailer wanted to create a store which should become the landmark of its town. They wanted to do something never before done in their target region. So we created a fixture design that met both their aspirational and functional requirements.

We used ENGAGE FNL, our powered shop fitting solution to create a unique design where all their shop fitting elements are lit. The ENGAGE FNL powered tracks provide electricity to display accessories like shelves, front out and side out arms. This system is built such that every accessory lights up as soon as its plugged in, its that simple, just fit and light. So the store staff can align and realign their store to meet the stock carrying and merchandise requirements with complete ease.

The lit shelves and arms add an unmatched elegance to the store design but aesthetics apart, for retailers with over the counter sales models its even more important to have light on their merchandise since the traditional methods of lighting don’t give an even spread of light, so all shelves below the 4 ft level tend to become obscure hence about 40% of their merchandise isn’t well lit.

Now with this fixture, we ensure that every shelf until the bottom shelf has full illumination. This also allows the designer to half his ceiling mounted light fixtures improving the aesthetic of the ceiling at the same time reducing the initial investment as well as the running cost of the store. The ENGAGE FNL is not only a powered system with amazing capabilities but also is extremely versatile. The Tracks can be embedded into wooden panels, which look only like shadow grooves hidden behind the merchandise. This is the look we used for all areas that were supported with a counter top unit made in steel sheet and solid acrylic or veneered tops.

While the section called the “wedding studio” was adorned with a combination of copper and black metal frames with the ENGAGE FNL tracks mounted onto the back frame.

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