Future Ready Solution

Don’t you feel that any investment made in designing or renovating a new store should not only be relevant today but also should serve your purpose for the future.

We understand that! And based on our predictive research, we have created the Fit N Light Smart Shop Fitting Systems that not only help you create a more exciting retail environment for today, but also allow you to add elements like IOT, self-checkout solutions and digital signage’s into the racks itself. All these elements are simply plug n play and can be introduced at any point once the Fit N Light Shop Fitting is part of your retail environment. 

In today’s fluid and dynamic retail environment a solution that can adapt seamlessly to the way your shoppers want to shop, help you collect real time shopper data and assist you in giving your shoppers relevant product information and nudging them towards higher sales via IOT and AI that helps up-selling and cross selling of merchandise would be a wise investment for your future, Don’t you think?

Higher Visibility

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Did you know that traditional retail stores that use only overhead lighting leave over 30% of the merchandise in low or obscure lighting?

If we believe, that consumers come to our stores to experience the merchandise and 1/3 of it doesn’t excite them enough, shouldn’t we take concrete steps to correct that situation?

So Insync developed shopfitting solution that integrates lights into the shelves which are powered from our specially crafted electrified tracks.

So every merchandise is perfectly Lit, increasing light efficiency by over 100% at the same time providing you with a wire-free yet highly flexible modular solution.

Better Sales

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A store that can provide customers with a purpose, make them part of the product’s journey by giving them information or even back stories and give them quick and easy check out solutions have a definite edge over the retailers who create mere good looking stores providing price cuts and loyalty programmes. 

So INSYNC’ s electrified tracks are specifically designed to provide power to touch interfaces, giving them the ability to be placed in line with the merchandise, where it would have the best chance to influence shopper engagement. These touch surfaces are also equipped with scanners and self- check out capabilities for the scan and go applications. So from providing immersive product stories to self check out everything is possible at the rack itself where your shopper spends 70% of their in-store time!!

“In turn resulting in Higher Sales”

Deeper Engagement

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What’s this!!!!

A screen popped up information about the shoe you’ve just picked up from the shelf and is now suggesting to you a choice of dresses and handbags that complete the ensemble. Not only giving you personalised information but also assisting you in making a more informed choice.

Seems like a dream, doesn’t it? Everything described above is not fantasy, but exactly what Insync’s Fit N Light solution offers.

Making incremental changes to your shopper journey, only arouses mildly positive emotions like contentment or relaxation; which are less likely to make the store visit memorable. 

Intensely positive emotions such as surprise, amusement or excitement, activate the brain for memory retention and happiness recall, helping to keep the brand top of mind while driving repeat visits and sales. 


Sleek Powerful Captivating


Sleek Powerful Captivating
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The Engage FNL tracks are super sleek yet super powerful. These electrified tracks empower retailers to focus light where it matters most, directly onto the merchandise. Creating enticing visual displays and merchandise presentations, while increasing the efficiency of the in-store lighting.

Captivating visuals and video feeds can be placed at the point of maximum impact, to announce new product launches, or elicit customer engagement right where the merchandise is displayed. The digital screens are purpose-built to draw power from the tracks and attract a shoppers attention! Back-lit soft signages emphasise the impact of messages only still visuals can create, while touch screens mounted on shelves, enable omnichannel retail to engage shoppers with powerful digital technology and captivating retail environments.

Versatile Electrified Track
A versatile electrified track can be embedded into 18 mm grooves boards or metal frames made from 18 mm tube. These track blend seamlessly in to the backdrop allowing designer to create an infinite array of display configurations. The tracks are powered with 12 volt DC low voltage power supply which runs through the Aluminium tracks across insulated copper strips.

Gravity Lock
All accessories are also equipped with INSYNC’s signature gravity lock mechanism, making your merchandise act like a safety lock.

Anti Shake, It’s Unshakable.
The Channel mounted accessories are specially designed to eliminate the common problem of lateral movement.

Light where it Matters Most.
Shelves and accessories embedded with LED lights provide perfect lighting to every merchandise presentation. These can be fitted or moved around very easily by designers or visual merchandisers. It’s as simple as FIT N LIGHT.

Backlit Signages
The Fit N Light allows the use of backlit soft signages which are powered by the Engage Electrified tracks, seamlessly integrating visual panels into the Shop Fit itself and with no visible wires and no compromise to flexibility, since the visual panels can move any where across the system and yet be powered up.

Brand and Digital Marketing @ the point of sale.
Captivating visuals and video feeds can be placed at the point of maximum impact, to announce new product launches, or engage customer’s right where the merchandise is placed. The screens are purpose built to draw power from electrified tracks.

Essence Dispenser
An aroma dispenser that is crafted to look like a VM prop, has been specially designed to use aroma liquid that is heated using electricity drawn from the powered tracks. Heating the liquid send out a wisps of aroma which is not extremely strong which allows to create a localise micro environment for each rack.

The convenience of digital browsing in-store.
The wide choices offered by e-tail shopping, can now feature on dynamic catalogues at the rack.

Turn Browsers into Buyers.
Supplement the traditional Point of Sale! Enable shoppers scan the bar code, make payment and walk home with the merchandise, in three easy steps.

Plug N Play
Plug N Play- Portable speakers running on 12 volt DC can be plugged into specially designed adaptor that allows them to draw power from the electrified uprights as & where required.

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