Using a standardised shop fitting solution but to create something truly unique. This paradox is what we faced when we were working on the design of the identity of Mochi along with their design agency.

Traditionally shoe store has always used fixed format shelves in either wood or metal with tube lights mounted under them. These metal or wood shelves are generally upwards of 50 mm to accommodate this lighting arrangement.
The client wanted to break away from tradition!! They had liked our “SYNTRACK FNL” Powered Shop fitting solution and were keen to use its unique “Fit N Light” capability to create a flexible retail store yet retain their store’s underlit shelves

The way we overcame the challenge of creating a truly unique shop fit but doing so with a standardised kit is fascinating.
The SYNTRACK FNL uprights are designed so that they can be mounted in multiple configurations i.e they can be mounted from wall to floor, ceiling to floor or suspended from the ceiling. besides that the “FIT N LIGHT” Technology provides the capability of mounting backlit signages and powering them up from the shop fit’s uprights itself. Also, the unique shelf bracket design allows the mounting of shelves embedded with LED LIGHTS to draw power directly from the uprights, no messy tangle of wires to manage.

So now back to creating something unique. The shop fit is so designed that SYNTRACK Uprights are mounted in a unique multi-axis configuration where some uprights start from the floor and go up to the ceiling while others start from the ceiling and are stopped midway, while yet other upright starts from the floor and are stopped midway. By doing this, the shelves, wooden niches and back lit signages are not of the same size even in the vertical axis. Also, white MDF shelves are contrasted with grey and white niches and the display is peppered with back lit signages.

The Niches & Shelves are made from 25 mm thick MDF which is half the size of most under lit shelves. Which is made possible by our unique & proprietary technique of embedding wires within the MDF shelves and conducting power from our electrified SYNTRACK FNL uprights.

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