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Evolved Design

INSYNC’s Timeless design language, neutral colour-tones & merchandise- friendly shop fitting systems allow designers the highest bandwidth for creativity, helping them transform bare rooms into inviting retail environments

Visual Merchandising

INSYNC Shop Fittings offer customers a multitude of merchandise presentation options. The company’s ‘Patented INTERSYNC Technology’ allows designers a world of store Planning possibilities while the unique ‘Snap-on-Panel’ fixing technology gives them the ability to customize the back panel colour as well as the material and also play with checkered tiles on, both the vertical horizontal axis to suit their specific merchandise.


Evolved Space Efficiency

The special emphasis paid on addressing the challenges of ‘Space Design’ has allowed us to utilize corners and central pillars of large format stores to increase merchandise density. Our unique mid floor solutions allow us to derive the maximum value of the limited floor space by increasing merchandise holding by almost 50% while using 25% less floor space.

Evolved Modularity

To reduce transportation storage costs, we’ve engineered unique interlocking and snap on mechanisms ensuring compact packing without compromising structural integrity, greatly impacting the cost of acquisition for our products, a factor crucial for brands considering national or international rollouts, as well as for our channel partners in India and abroad.

Anti Friction Technology

Our patented Anti Friction strips used on Merchandising arms and Hanger bars create a protective layer between the hanger tips and our arms. This increases surface life, reducing the need to replace components, thereby making the unit cost effective.

Agile Production

The design of our parts and components gains from the cumulative knowledge of our cross functional team and cuttings edge production techniques. We’ve designed each component ground up to facilitate an effective and efficient production process. From material selection to assembly methods, every facet of the product’s manufacturing process is designed for last mile quality, structural integrity & production efficiency. This efficiency gives us the agility to respond quickly to the growing needs of retailers today.

Smart Engagement

The INSYNC Experience Centres (ECs) reiterates our belief of being recognized more as a Solution-centric organization rather than just a product-centric one. Each EC is represented by a highly qualified advisory team. They are well versed with the technical facets of the various systems on display and geared to help customers take an informed decision while addressing their complex retail display needs.

Easy Execution

INSYNC’s shop fittings are designed to facilitate ease and speed of site assembly, making them ideal for retailers. They ensure reduction in installation time and cost for the retailer. The “Quick Fix” design of INSYNC’s structural components allows us for fastest turnaround on site.

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