Instore Asia 2019

WHATS NEXT>>> The Future of Retail !!

In a world where the lines between physical and digital retail are fading, shoppers are looking for 2 things out of their retail journey.
A memorable experience and convenience of shopping!
If shoppers spend over 70% of their In store time at the racks, isn’t it best to integrate the excitement of the physical retail space with the immersive experience and convenience that can be achieved with digital technology into the racks?

Introducing the Power Packed ENGAGE X the latest Electrified Shop Fit by INSYNC

Join Huzefa Merchant Founder and CEO “INSYNC Shop Fittings”, while he takes you through the WHATS NEXT >>> Zone by INSYNC at Instore Asia. Explaining the possibilities the powered shop fittings open up for your Smart Shop

  • Better Visibility for your merchandise
  • Deeper Engagement with your shoppers
  • Higher sales and Operational Efficiency
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