Empowering the Future of Retail

In a world where physical retail is finding itself facing a completely different adversary, where lines between physical stores and digital platforms are fading, traditional ways of product display need to change, don’t you think?

We do too!! So we created shop fitting solutions that empower you to reshape your retail experience. We’d love to help empower your retail business to take on the challenges of the OMNI channel era.

About Us
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  • India is the 5th largest retail destination globally
  • Our estimated market size is slated to touch US$ 1 trillion by 2020
  • Most global brands have chosen to make India their home
  • We’re strategically positioned to reach the growing EMEA markets.
  • India has emerged as a cost-effective design, engineering and manufacturing hub.


  • Millennial shoppers expect an omnichannel experience
  • The hunger for global brand experience is growing by the day
  • Self- service is preferred over hovering store assistants
  • Social approval is a prequel to retail purchase
  • Shoppers are consolidating purchase loyalty to fewer stores over time.


  • Global brands seek retailers with digital mindsets
  • The ability to integrate digital into retail hardware is key
  • The new focus is personalizing the brand story in-store
  • Speed in customer response is vital
  • Retailer survival is linked with the ability to change.
  • It’s time for retailers to partner with change!


Founded by Saleem Merchant in 1991, Safe Enterprises is India’s first organized shop fittings manufacturer; engaged in standardizing and empowering the country’s retail revolution.

To channelize the knowledge accumulated since 1991, during the retail fit-outs of over 42,000 projects spanning an estimated 30 million sq. ft. into ready-to-use shop fitting solutions, INSYNC was founded by Huzefa Merchant in 2010, as the research, product development and distribution wing of Safe Enterprises.

The INSYNC vision is to create a globally distributed shop fittings solution, which is ingrained into every facet of the design and development, of both products and methodologies.

INSYNC has since transitioned into the official face of the company and stands true to its future vision while bolstering its heritage and knowledge base.


  • Standardized engineering, customisable skins
  • Maximize space productivity, modularity, and structural stability
  • Bolster design ingenuity and on floor practicality
  • Enable quick and easy assembly, through smartly engineered shop fittings
  • Achieve cost-quality balance, via process and design efficiency
  • Allow retail creativity to take wing.

Standardised Engineering, Customisable Skins

Inspired by nature, where the basic structure of the human anatomy remains standardised, and skins are relative to the environment, our solutions have a standardised range of shop fitting components at their heart.

Customised panels, shelves and accessories form a skin around them; adaptable to the retail design and brand story.

Every product we design is engineered for flexibility, safety and longevity. Safety is ensured through software testing, complemented by in-house physical tests of the assembly and third-party certification. Safe Enterprises is ISO 9001: 2015 certified for quality assurance, and ISO 10002:2014 certified for customer complaint handling.


In 2018 we have added over 18000 Sq ft of additional manufacturing space taking our total production area to over 63000 sq. ft. Our plants are fully equipped with the best technology from across the globe and our people go through constant training and development to make our plant even more efficient and raise our quality standards even higher. To ensure that your brands can stand proud against any competition.

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