We have extensively specified INSYNC retails standard product in our projects, Apart from the standard products, a good example of collaboration is the retail identity development for Nature’s Basket stores. FITCH had put really high expectations on aesthetics, INSYNC team has not just delivered a great quality product but they made the development process very very easy.

Kapil Samant Director Architecture | FITCH Retail

We’ve worked with Huzefa on the Louis Philippe flagship store, converting it into a modular system. This enables Louis Philippe to half the time in their capacity to roll out stores. It has improved the rent-free period,and the cost has come down significantly.

Stuart Richard Simon CEO | Restore Solutions

We were first introduced to Safe Enterprises through one of our brand INMARK. All the central furniture and panel wall were supported and manufactured by Safe Enterprises. Personally, I was really impressed with the quality, the end product, the prices, and the attention to the smallest detailing in the packing of the shipment. The idea they provided was really smart and really did compete with European standards. Based on our past experience with them, we introduced a different brand and a complete set of panel walls and we’ve already placed an order, which has been shipped to 5 new stores. Someone would think this is really a gamble, but for us it’s a matter of trust in their quality. I have been to their manufacturing unit and seen the samples and all their different models and it’s really, really impressive.

Jalal Al Jalal Operations Manager | Imtiaz Al Arabia Co. Ltd.

This is amazing! where you can combine digital technology into the store environment. As we are working on projects like pop-up Shops and looking for solutions for Omnichannel retail. This is a great opportunity where stores can really blend the digital technology right into the store experience. I am really excited about what I am seeing, one of the things that I really love is they have a touchscreen which also gives you the opportunity to make a purchase right there, so we can swipe your credit card right there while you are with the product. I think it’s really ingenious I think this is the future of what retail needs. It’s an automatic ability to combine technology into the store environment.

Joe Bear Owner | Zengenius

The challenging opportunity given by Mr Tata of opening 28 stores in 28 days itself was very intimidating. This achievement would not have been possible without the unstinted support of Insync Shop Fitting’s design and installation team. Their timely delivery of fixtures and ready team of installers ensured that all stores were handed-over on time. Inspite of the huge volumes of fixtures to be manufactured for 28 stores in a short span of time, there were absolutely no compromise on the quality of the materials delivered. Excellent work !! Looking forward to continue the successful relationship in the coming financial year as well.

Ashley D’cruz Head – Store Planning and Projects, Tata Trent

Our association with Safe Enterprises began when we redesigned the store identity of Natures Basket along with FITCH and M/s Safe Enterprises was selected from amongst other manufacturers as the vendor of choice to partner with us in the design and creation of aesthetic, flexible and robust fixtures for our world food stores. Over the last year and a half of association with them, I must admit that today I feel both relieved of making the right decision then as well as happy that we have found a partner in a true sense of the word. The team understands our vision and is willing to go the extra mile to deliver. They had taken ownership of the initial hiccups and assisted in working around where required. As a retailer, our demands can sometimes be chaotic but have never found them shying away in meeting our deadlines or reengineering last moment design changes whenever required. In Huzefa Merchant, the man behind Safe Enterprises, we seem to have found not just a bright spark that understands his business and ably leads his team but a friend who also thinks on behalf of his customers. My best wishes are with the entire team at Safe Enterprises to reach greater heights and grow their business manifold.

Mohit Khattar MD, CEO | Godrej Natures Basket

It’s very thought through kind of a system so I see a lot of scope in that and if the billing also happens there I am sure it will be fast peer experience. The more you save the time of a customer the more he is ready to come back to you only. Because he knows I have only 1 hour let me go to that store quickly pick up my stuff and leave. We have installed a lot of endless aisle and tabs in our stores and the sales are picking up at a very good pace.

Anurag Singhal Mr. Anurag Singhal

My association with Saleem bhai has been almost 15 years and I have seen every year his quality his workmanship and his zeal to service his customers the standards going higher. I think what I see right now is a big improvement of what I saw last year at Euro shop and I am sure this will keep improving as we move ahead. I wish him and his entire team all the best and I am sure we’ll have great things to achieve together.

Vishal Kapoor Chief Design Officer (group) & Concept Business Head | Future Group

We met Huzefa and Insync team at Euro shop. They have displayed their fixtures with these integrated lights, it was very impressive and we were delighted with this fact that the installation was also very hassle free. There were no visible cables or switches and you just have to move the shelves like you do for a normal shelf. From then on we had this idea in mind how do we use this technology for our stores and keeping that in mind we got first opportunity to work together.

Gajpal Rathore DGM & Head – VM & Retail Projects | Arrow, Aeropostale, Arvind Brands

I think as a product its certainly next gen. It’s a terrific product. This is not the first version I have seen, it’s progressed a lot since then. It’s a lot more durable, the lights are brighter, and its functioning product it’s certainly ready for market.

Lisa Mukhedar Co Founder Restore Design

Very Innovative Digitally enabled fixture and lighting system, which focus a lot on merchandise and provides a lot towards customer convenience on shopping. That’s going to be the level of innovation in fixturing, its very modular its very customer friendly its very operational friendly its very designer friendly.

Pawan Nagarwal Chief VM & Experience Designer at Central.

We have completed 6 to 7 stores with Insync | Safe Enterprises. Very Good Service Very Stable and Very Useful Products, it gives great finishing & nice effects for the stores.

Rakesh Parmar Assistant Manager Projects | Future Group

They are the main suppliers for Hypercity all Apparel Fixture, they have supplied to almost about 6 to 8 stores. It is designed specially exclusively for Hypercity. We are very happy to have such fixtures across Hypercity Stores.

Ravindra Raichur Projects Head | Hypercity

We are really proud to be associated with Safe Enterprises & Mr Huzefa is a wonderful person. The product they have is full of Innovation and is well suited to the modern fashion and retail industry. They have done our airport stores at Mumbai T1 & T2 and we wish them all the very best.

Akhil Jain Executive Director – Jain Amar

“We met with the CEO of INSYNC Huzefa Merchant for the first time in July 2010. He introduced us to the fixtures industry, INSYNC background and took us through the company products followed by the INSYNC franchisee system. Our impression of the products and the people we met at INSYNC led us to decide and initiate the Franchisee set-up with the company. 3 years later, now, we are glad we did and greatly value the customer service attitude, the products and the willingness to work on customer feedback to develop new products, shown by team INSYNC. We would love to recommend INSYNC for anyone who wishes to take up a franchisee and/ or its products. The feedback from the end customers (the retailers, sub dealers, interior designers and architects) also is excellent and very encouraging. Starting from the initial hands-on training to the support on specific project requirements from INSYNC is commendable. We are proud to have completed display for hundreds of showrooms covering more than 2 lakh sq. ft. of floor space across the state and look forward to a long lasting relationship with the brand.”

Amir Ezzi Partner | Dezine Display System

“We’ve been in the indore market for over 2 decades now and are a well known name in the market, but taking the Franchisee of Insync would definitely be one of the defining moments for us. We deal in a large variety of products and product catagories through our showroom, but none of those gave us recognition with architects and designers the way we gained while promoting Insync’s innovative shop fitting solutions. This is a completely new line of business and gives us a very big edge over our competitors, because its not available with anyone in our region. Insync’s distribution policy of keeping selective distribution and giving exclusivity in our region has been of great help in gaining favour with designers. Insync support in assisting us with regular visits, guidance and giving us regular know how from their experience of working with leading retailers and designers has made it very easy to understand and deal in insync’s products. Our business with insync has been growing regularly and consistanctly and the footfall of architects and designers for insync products has a very positive effect on the sales of our other products.”

Saifuddin Samplewala Partner | Variety Hardware Store

We are associated with Insync. We know that all the retail outlets in India and all over the world they are coming up with a great space in an evolving manner and they are very conscious about their aesthetic value of their products and therefore they have started coming up with new display systems with high finish. To give this a new venture we came across Insync and while discussing the products with them we found that the product and the finish they give to the display systems they have is a state of art and a very flawless finish. It’s the product and the flexibility of the product made us think that we go for a venture of this product with Safe & Insync.

Huseinali Barodawala Partner | Zov Display Solution