Splendid Simplicity

Is your store adaptable to changing retail trends?

Wouldn’t it be great if your store could look new every weekend?
Remaining fresh is the new retail Mantra! So, we purpose built you a solution that can make your store look fresh in every occasion with minimum effort.

Just re-align the panels that snap onto our sleek aluminium tracks and you’re ready to go.

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Designed to Differentiate

If you desire your store to stand out in a sea of brands of shop in shop showrooms or your retail space needs a signature hot spot in every season, the Snap On panels are the way to go.

You can create your own unique signature with the use of a confluence of colours, textures and create and re-create your own patterns to make your space stand out. Explore creative freedom with SnapFit.

Play it simple

Creating a large format store was never simpler!

The SnapFit aluminium tracks are understated and show only as shadow grooves, while the snap on panels can be used as full length single coloured backdrops to lend a subtle yet elegant environment.

A unique set of focal areas can be created throughout the stores by using a combination of panels and creating unique patterns

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Do away with the backdrop!

Want to show off that wall treatment? No worries, the Snap Fit tracks can be used with our snap on covers that give you the ability to use the wall as your canvas.

Quick Fix

The spring clips are designed for quick mounting and removal of panels allowing visual merchandisers to continuously refresh the store layout and retails environment Quickly & Effortlessly.

One Track Multiple Possibilities

The SnapFit is specially designed to “SNAP” on aluminium side caps or panels providing designers and retailers the versatility of creating either open frame tracks or to use the snap fit track with wooden back panels. Where the track is visible only as a shadow groove.


Our specially designed reverse fitment is an evolved safety feature that gravity locks our accessories.

Gravity Lock

All accessories are equipped with INSYNC’s signature gravity lock mechanism making the merchandise act as a safety lock.

Revitted Shelf Bracket

The tilt and insert feature ensures ease of mounting the glass / wood shelf into the bracket. Once mounted, the shelf is locked and cannot be dismounted unless it is lifted in the above manner.

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Cap Display
Double wire hook
Double wire hook with Price holder
Helmet Display
Horizontal ball Display
Inclined ball Display
Basket Ball Display
Oval Shoe Display
Vertical Ball Display
wire arm inclined
hook with price holder
Crossbar v Shaped
Crossbar turning display
Inclined Arm
Inclined Arm
Straight Arm
Shelf Bracket for Glass Shelf
Bracket for hanger under Glass shelf
riveted bracket
Raised Hanger
Hanger Z shaped
Hanger U shaped