Park Avenue Woman

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Engage X


1000 SQ.FT


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One of India’s leading brand for women westerns, Park Avenue Woman is designed to be a bold statement.

The shop fit of choice for Park Avenue Women is the ENGAGE X powered shop fitting solution from INSYNC. Chosen by the brand for its bold yet elegant powered uprights that are “Truly Adaptive”, the telescopic wall fixer allows quick and easy assembly on even unfinished or uneven surfaces since the adaptive wall fixers can be adjusted to align the uprights.

The powered tracks are built to conduct electricity and power up LED lights embedded in shelves and hanging accessories providing light where it matters! i.e directly on the merchandise which increased the lighting efficiency of the Park Avenue women’s store by 3X, providing over 2200 LUX per shelf up till the bottom shelf evenly.

Th PAW store is now a SMART store, ready for technology like self check out and INSYNC SMART ASSISTANT which can be plugged into the powered uprights as soon as the brand is ready to adopt such technology.

So the brand is FUTRE READY with INSYNC’S ENGAGE X SMART SHOP FIT powering it!

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