Syntrack Bitz can be mounted on any surface. Hanging, stacking or signage, do it all by using each Bitz independently. These minimal Bitz can be mounted as a random configuration and do not have to adhere to any axis or linearity. The accessories can be mounted directly into the adaptor clipped on the Bitz. Just like the name, these are small bits of shopfits that let you do so much more.


Material Finishing

Syntrack tracks and accessories use highly finished aluminium with smooth contours to give an interesting play with light, creating alluring merchandise presentations.

Syntrack is available in an attractive satin silver finish with accessories in a complementing satin chrome.

Shimmering black tracks are complimented with midnight chrome to create a mystique filled merchandise arrangement.


A unique hooking system called adaptors are developed corresponding to adapt to both Syntrack profiles, the adaptor is designed to mount a universal adaptor plate. All accessories fitted with Syntrack adaptor plates can be used in all Syntrack profiles. Once the accessories are inserted into the adaptor, it gets locked into place & does not move up or down unless the accessories are removed.

Intersync Technology

The unique ‘Intersync Technology’ invented by INSYNC, allows the Syntrack range of accessories to be used in multiple structural profile designs, namely Syntrack channel & Syntrack Uprights.


The Syntrack Accessories have been fitted with a specially designed anti-friction strip to protect the accessory profile from scratches, resulting from friction with metal hanger tips.

Shelf Bracket

The tilt and insert feature ensures ease of mounting the glass shelf into the bracket. Once mounted, the shelf is locked and cannot be dismounted unless it is lifted.


Shelf Support for Wooden Shelf
Ball Display
Double Wire Hook
Shelf Support for Glass Shelf
Hanger T Shaped
Cap Display
Vertical Ball Display
Hanger T Shaped Curved
Hanger T Extended
Helmet Display
Inclined Arm
Inclined Arm for Crossbar Mounting
Wire Arm Inclined
Racket Display
Glass Shelf Bracket
Shoe Display
Shoe Display
Shoe Display
Shoe Display