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When we partnered with the design agency to design the shop fit for Adamis, the following factors helped the designer and the client converge on our “Engage Fit N Light” powered shop fitting solution.
Adamis prides in the quality of their leather and was keen on highlighting the quality of the materials used in their finely crafted products; To achieve this it was extremely crucial that the merchandise is lit perfectly.

They wanted to create a store that is highly conducive to change since their merchandise dimensions are quite varied and are prone to constantly change. The shop fit had to provide them with the flexibility of changing over their rack configuration both quickly and effortlessly.

Providing light on every merchandise requires the shelves to be lit, but traditional shop fittings cannot provide flexibility to lit shelves!! So using our unique “Powered Shop Fitting” we were able to satisfy both conditions for the client; provide underlit shelves without the headache of managing messy wires.

The ENGAGE FNL is a powered shop fitting solution that uses electrified tracks to power up shelves and display accessories. Brackets can be fixed along a vertical axis at every 40 mm and tracks can be embedded into wooden panels, tucked in and seen as only a shadow groove.  Accessories can be custom built to suit the retail environment and function.

For Adamis, it was essential to provide a sense of warmth and exclusivity and the designer chose to adorn the merchandise atop brown tinted glass shelves framed in a copper toned metal frame. The wooden panels were covered with a textured wallpaper, while vertical glass partitions were supported from brackets fixed behind the wooden panels. All in all, providing a seamless look to the space that housed the women collection.

At the other end of the store were the same embedded tracks in wooden panels but with a single 1800 mm length shelves in white MDF embedded with LED lights for the men’s section. These shelves are unique because not a single mm of wire is seen thanks to our proprietary technique of embedding the wiring within the shelves itself and our specially designed power connectors are clipped to the shelf brackets.

Using slotted uprights we created a highlight wall at the extreme end of the store. These uprights crafted in 60×40 cross-section tubes are made in the same copper hue with metal frames in 40×20 cross-section similar to the women’s area. these tubes were slotted on the reverse side so both the slots and wire connections that were pulled through the tube were not visible to the consumers, who would perceive the shelves as a floating element since the brackets were also fixed on the reverse side of the uprights and welded in a manner where they’d be hidden from sight. Mounted from the ceiling and fastened to the floor these uprights symbolised the elegance of the brand while representing the robustness of the brand’s core values.

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