Juice Salons

Project Details

Location :


Products Used :

Syntrack Detached | Syntrack Ceiling To Floor

Project Area :

1000 sq.ft


Project Description

Light where it matter’s most

As one of India’s premier salon chains, JUICE has always kept a step ahead by innovating both, their service and business model. When they decided to create a dedicated retail area within their salons, INSYNC in consultation with Ar. Mustafa Sura created a display solution for them that allowed them a unique blend of form and function.

The SYNTRACK FNL is a unique powered Shop Fitting solution that uses electrified uprights to power up LED lights embedded in shelves, backlit Signage’s and is the perfect solution to bring alive the products by providing lighting where it matters most and creating stunning visual connects with the backlit visuals and all this without any messy wires or loosing the modularity of a modern shop fitting solution.

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