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Engage Inlay | Syntrack Ceiling To Floor


500 SQ.FT


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If you ask most successful retailers, to list down the most influential factor in their success, “knowing the pulse of their shoppers” will generally top the list!!!

With this in mind we realized that getting customer feedback and making it a fluid process of the sales journey is quite significant if retailers have to secure their future! Shoppers are not willing to part with their feedback when faced with boring feedback forms, so we had to think out of the box and create something that was fun and effortless at the same time.

L&M was designed by Design Dollops and INSYNC worked closely with Design Dollops to ensure that the feedback process was a seamless part of the shopping journey. Our Engage Fit N Light Smart Shop Fitting can power up 22″ touch interfaces and these can be moved around the store based on where it is most effective, since there is no external power connections required. So the L&M team can take on the fly decisions based on their current shopper flow where these interfaces can have the best impact to take feedback. These touch interfaces were loaded with feedback forms designed as games so that they are fun and in turn reduce the resistance from the shoppers.

So today L&M is able to collect vital customer data that is not only assisting them to sell better today but is also building a data rich customer centric future.

Besides this the store has only 4 suspended lights on the ceiling that help light up the central area. All the sales areas are lit with the integrated lights embedded into the shelves, ensure  the customers get a more comfortable and natural light setting increasing the time they spend at the racks.

The L&M team claims that this store is performing significantly better on sales

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