Fathima Hypermarket

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Forte Double Slotted | Forte Single Slotted


1000 SQ.FT


Project Description

Fathima enjoys a position of repute in the Hypermarket space in the UAE. As a large box retailer, Fathima has a varied assortment of products, a heavy footfall and needs to keep its store looking fresh based on the frequency of shoppers revisiting their stores.

INSYNC recommended the FORTE shop fitting system which by design is built to serve the large box retailer. The construction of bold uprights, a muscular base and connectors make it extremely stable, capable of withstanding continues shopper interaction, as well as carry a wide range of weight categories.

The Floor units are fitted with specially designed corner protectors, to protect against damage from shopping carts, ensuring better longevity of the wooden skirtings.

The FORTE bracket adapts to fit both glass and wooden shelves at a 0° and 20° angle to allow a versatile use of the shelf space. FORTE can be used both with and without back panels to provide a variation of the display and with its easy to fit, wide range of display accessories it allows the VM team to always keep the shop floor looking fresh.

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