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When the going gets tough…The tough gets going!!!
The Road show dates were set in stone and the clock was ticking….. Gajpal Rathod the Group VM & Concept head for Arrow had made up his mind that he wants to treat the Arrow Dealer network to a feast for the eyes. He wanted to ensure every merchandise is the Hero and give the 2018 collection a laser edge. The show had to open on the 10th and shop fit installed and ready to go by the 5th of Jan, After concept discussions and finalisation 12 working days is all that was left for production and dispatch!!!

The goblet was laid down and race was on….even while this project was being produced INSYNC was in the middle of delivering a 3 store roll out where each store was approx 25000 Sq Ft and this was being delivered in under 30 days so, the factories were already brimming to the seems. But the Team had accepted the challenge and INSYNC delivered every fixture on time and the show opened to the Dealer network as planned with every display element from shelves to custom built hanging frames lit and backlit soft signage’s adding a touch of grace to the 5000 Sq Ft. space. This was only possible because of the use of our pre-engineered shop fitting components around which the Arrow team built their custom skin of wooden frames to create their own personal signature.

ENGAGE Fit N Light is a powered shop fitting solution that provides electricity to LED Lamps embedded in display accessories like shelves and hanging arms and powers up back lit signage’s and touch screen displays. Creating Exciting customer journeys that help customers Explore with greater ease and Engage with the brand more meaningfully.

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