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Engage Inlay


2500 SQ.FT


Project Description

The Valentine store is a smart shop which combines the excitement of the physical retails with the efficiency of digital technology to seamlessly integrate their offline stores with their strong online presence.


Valentine flagship store at Lower Parel was designed to bring out the delicate designs of the brands intimate wear. The valentine store is a dedicated heaven for intimate apparel and lounge wear. The Apeiron Architects assigned as designers for the project were keen on creating a space that ensured women were comfortable shopping over extended periods of time.

To do so it was important to get rid of all the harsh lighting, softening the overall mood of the store but while doing so it was important to keep a laser focus on the merchandise and bring out the softness and eclectic designs and colours of the fabrics.

To achieve this objective we used the Fit N Light Smart Shopfit embedded into wooden panel on the ground floor fitted with daintily appointed metal frames finished rosegold topped with 6mm white painted glass and affixed with prewired LED lights that draw electricity from the electrified Engage Fit N Light tracks. While the 1st floor which houses the more exquisite honeymoon pieces was created in the form of wardrobes. The entire modular structure embedded with the Engage powered track was created in the factory and painstakingly assembled and aligned on the site.

Bringing together graceful form with the function of modular shopfitting solution and integrating LED light without any visual or any visible wires.

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