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My visit to the AMAZON GO store in Chicago !

My visit to the AMAZON GO store in Chicago !

The year 2019 has seen some ground-breaking retail projects that have forced designers and retailers to look at new ways to elevate the shopping experience. As we step into a new year of possibilities here’s a look back at some of the most innovative retail projects of the year 2019.

Wow – hearing this in knowledge sessions and reading about the technology is no where close to actually experiencing the store.
So much brilliance packed into this small place.
Firstly simply taking away the complete pain of payment from the shopping journey is a simple stroke of genius, it will take a lions heart not to buy more what you came in for!!
Secondly no checkout hassles of any type was such a refresher and think about the implications in highly populated urban areas of countries like India, China etc. where lines can almost get serpentine at the time of sales and seasons.
Last but not the least, the few staff they did have on hand just added to the joy of buying with their large hearted smiles and ready to serve attitude.

I’ve traveled and been through numerous shopping experiences and this is the best till date.

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