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The role of physical retail stores is quickly undergoing a transformation within the modern retail scenario. From sales platforms, they’re taking up the role of brand beacons, retail spaces are being designed to promote the brand’s personality and to effectively present the attributes of a specific set of merchandise rather than pushing sales by variety or price alone.

Modern retail sales strategies are being designed around the Online portals, where the David & Goliath of the Brands are all viewed together without any real distinctions that are tangible to the consumer, So the Physical retail spaces have got to be used effectively to create brand identities and product distinction, while aligning itself to the omni channel retail strategy.

With this insight in mind, INSYNC developed the FIT-N-LIGHT, a powered shop fitting solution that enables lighting under every shelf without the compromise on modularity.

This system enables designers and planners to provide individual lighting as per each individual products requirements, also allows the interplay between product presentation and brand communication by enabling seamless integration of back lit soft-signages.

In turn bringing together the 3 key elements of retail design shop fit, lighting and visual merchandising, into one integrated solution. 

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