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Insync at Instore Asia 2018

Insync at Instore Asia 2018

Nothing motivates us more than the kind words of appreciation for the effort we put into creating our solutions.


At In Store Asia, the super stars of retail and Retail Design blessed us with their presence, Feted us with their kind words and added years of knowledge through their Inputs. Giving us both a shot of adrenaline as well as food for thought, fueling our next round of innovations!!!


Insync showcased the ENGAGE FNL & SYNTRACK FNL are SMART Shop fit Solutions seen through, the lens of our development philosophy of EXCITE EXPLORE ENGAGE. Empowering Indian Retail with the ability to create stores that, Excite all the Senses, allow shoppers to Explore new possibilities with he use of SMART ASSISTANT; our touch technology powered by our electrified uprights and which is mated with an endless aisle software that is integrated with a bar code scanner and card reader enabling quick and effortless self check outs.


Besides this shopper comfort can be enhanced many fold, using our proprietary invisible light, a uniquely crafted recessed LED track embedded in shelves ensuring the shoppers can feel the light on the products without any glare on their eyes. An aroma dispenser mounted onto our electrified uprights creates a micro environment at every rack, allowing designers to customise the aroma of each rack in line with the product presentation, so if a summer collection is on display for women, the rack can be fitted with a tropical aroma and so on… a combination of all our technology empowers retailers with the ability to engage with the shopper on the subconscious level.


Excite Explore Engage is a manifestation of years of research and understanding shopper behaviours and how they interact with shop fittings.


See what the greatest retail minds have to say about this & Experience our booth at Instore Asia.

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