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Smart Shops: The Retail Theatre !!

Smart Shops: The Retail Theatre !!

Retail stores are like theatre, where the story is built around the merchandise


When we closely examine the key elements that make a theatre so engaging for the audience, there are quite a few things we could apply into our retail spaces to make them as appealing, to our consumers.



Building a story around the merchandise is extremely vital, a retail store that can engage their customers with an alluring product presentation can’t go wrong. We can use techniques like cross merchandising to not only make a better display presentation but also induce higher impulse buy. Using props and signages to add a visual reference & further enhance the depth of your merchandise story, with a measured use of digital media.



No theatrical endeavour can find success without a healthy infusion of Drama, whether that be with dialog, sound or lighting, drama is what enthrals and keeps the audiences engaged. Traditional indian ethnic stores use the element of drama to perfection while selling their wedding collections. making a boisterous gesture of flairing and spreading their Lehenga (Indian full length Skirt) onto their table, adding a touch of drama with every swoosh and swirl of the fabric. The placement of lights is perfectly above that table ensuring that every golden thread and crystal bead is shown in perfect light.


The above conditions are perfectly suited to an environment like over the counter sales, where the flow of sale is controlled by the sales person and he has the opportunity to interact and gain the customers trust and weave stories around every garment if he has the skill to do so. But in modern retail environments the store fixtures , lighting and signages have to create a sense of comfort, trust and at the same time convey the brand story all at once & in the most dramatic way possible .


Now imagine walking into a softly lit store where lights are placed only on the merchandise, adorned with backlit signages along side the merchandise which allows you to immediately identify the products and relate to its purpose in your life, the lighting falls softly of the shoulders of the shirts displayed on a front out arm grabbing your attention but not shouting out its existence. While touch screens with shopper assistive technologies make your exploration more fun by adding fun facts related to the product and brand to your shopping journey!! Think how would you want to provide such an experience to your customer!!


Designing a theatrical masterpiece.

Using our FIT N LIGHT technology we can make the above scene a reality for your retail spaces.


Our unique electrified tracks provide power to shelves and display accessories like front out arms and side out rails embedded with LED lights to provide light where it matters most: on your merchandise, Ensuring the complete focus of your audience on your Hero. Providing more light on your stacked merchandise and hanging displays get a smoother flow of light creating a beautiful milieu of light & shadow.


Our powered backlit signages can be adjusted across the display so that you can place your messages at the point of maximum impact, while our digital screens help you add to your brand story or help you place engaging shopper assistive technology right alongside the merchandise.


Every element is integrated into your display so as to keep the eyes of your customers on the protagonist at all times.


To get a hands on experience of this technology your always welcome to visit us at or at our experience centres.

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