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Grooving to a New Beat

Grooving to a New Beat

A shopper survey that recently caught my eye, was one published by Capgemini Consulting, that focussed on the top frustrations consumers face in retail stores.


While retailers have long complained about dropping foot traffic, the reasons have often been laid at the doorstep of technology, eCom players, social media power, low loyalty of millennial shoppers and reasons of that ilk.


Question is, whether we want to look at facts, embrace them and evolve or live in denial and go extinct!!

Coming back to the survey, consumers listed a variety of reasons for their dissatisfaction with the way retail is currently managed. Pet peeves include difficulty in comparing products, long queues at checkout, inability to locate products, unavailability and low product knowledge of store employees.


The survey went on to say that nearly 71% of shoppers would be willing to bypass traditional retailers, testifying for the fact that digitally influenced millennial shoppers are expecting much more from retailers, than retailers are offering today. Expecting the store to offer the same convenience as they are used to online along with a wholesome shopping experience.

“Prancing digital cheetahs, are leading lumbering retail mammoths into a Lambada, flaunting their agility with every twist”


INSYNC however has been grooving in step with the beat of this drummer. to lead in the retail revival with our Fit-n-Light SMART Shop Fitting solution.


Comprising SYNTRACK FNL and ENGAGE FNL; 2 systems that, empower retailers to enhance their shopper’s journey into an omni-channel experience, seamlessly combining the advantages of both physical and digital retail, into one unified experience.


At the heart of this solution are electrified uprights which enable powered-up shelves and accessories embedded with LED lights, providing perfect lighting to every merchandise presentation. Touch-screens and digital tablets placed near the merchandise and at rack level, resolve precisely the consumer peeves, that traditional retail has not been able to solve, this far.

The wide choices offered by eTail shopping, can now feature on dynamic catalogues at the rack. The traditional point of sale is supplemented with digital tablets that enable shoppers scan the barcode, make payment and walk home with the merchandise.


The future of shopping, where digital is in step with physical retail is already here. To know more take a tour of our Experience Centre’s.

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