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Great Customer Experience comes from Deeper Engagement!!

Great Customer Experience comes from Deeper Engagement!!

Deeper customer engagement is fast emerging as the golden key to generate peak levels of customer experience in the store. Here’s what emerged from recently published Worldpay and FITCH research, polling 2500 consumers about the sources of fun and excitement in store

The top sources for in-store shopping fun and excitement

51% – being able to try products

46% – browsing on a whim

30% – socializing with friends (48% for Gen Z)

25% – the store atmosphere

23% – discovering something new and novel in store.

Every one of these factors has a single customer need at its core– great experience!

Imagine walking into a softly lit store where the merchandise is illuminated with lights integrated into the fixtures they are displayed on! Backlit signages that are glowing alongside the merchandise draw your attention to beautiful imagery that stimulates your desire to shop, soft whiffs of aroma grace your nose arising amidst the merchandise you are picking up.

What’s this!!!! A screen popped up information about the shoe you’ve just picked up from the shelf and is now suggesting to you a choice of dresses and handbags that complete the ensemble. Not only giving you personalised information but also assisting you in making a more informed choice.

Seems like a dream, doesn’t it? Everything described above is not fantasy, but exactly what Insync’s Fit N Light solution offers.

Making incremental changes to your shopper journey, only arouses mildly positive emotions like contentment or relaxation; which are less likely to make the store visit memorable.

Intensely positive emotions such as surprise, amusement or excitement, activate the brain for memory retention and happiness recall, helping to keep the brand top of mind while driving repeat visits and sales.

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